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Master's Thesis

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Haws, Jonathan A.

Author's Keywords

Site 15SP202; Falls of the Ohio River; Mississippi period; Ceramics; Kentucky


Mississippian culture--Kentucky--Jefferson County; Mississippian culture--Indiana--Clark County; Ohio River Valley--Antiquities; Pottery, Prehistoric


The following paper is an analysis of the decorated ceramics associated with site 15SP202, a Mississippi Period site in Spencer County, Kentucky. The ceramics were then used to determine whether the site had been classified correctly by its original investigator, due to the ambiguity often associated with assigning temporal and cultural affiliation to late prehistoric sites in the Falls of the Ohio River region. After the initial analysis, the author compared and contrasted 15SP202 with other known and more fully excavated Mississippian sites in the region, in an attempt to integrate the site in question into a wider regional context. Ultimately, the author posits that site 15SP202 adds to the growing body of archaeological work that supports a sustained, substantial, and unique Mississippian occupation in the Falls of the Ohio River region.