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Master's Thesis

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Oral Biology

Degree Program

Oral Biology, MS

Committee Chair

Santaella, Gustavo

Committee Member

Santos, Christiano de Oliveira

Committee Member

Fischer, Kathleen

Author's Keywords

virtual patient; occlusion


This study aimed to compared the differences in jaw position measurements in protrusive and open/close positions on a static virtual patient created using 3dMD System to those from a dynamic articulation of a virtual patient (MODJAW) as well as measurements between the Cadiax and MODJAW. Six fiducial surface markers were placed on a volunteer subject’s face and dynamic facial scans of protrusive and open/close jaw movement acquired and exported. A CBCT scan was also acquired. The mandible and maxilla were segmented and loaded into Vultus and aligned to the facial scan using the fiducial markers. Results were compared using a paired t-test. There were no statistically significant differences between the static and dynamic techniques of virtual articulation. The average percentage difference between techniques for protrusive motions is high, possibly due to the influence of soft tissue flexibility and adaptability during motion.