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Master's Thesis

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College of Arts and Sciences

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Robinson, Charles J.




Not many analyses of chylous fluids have been published. The analyses reported here were accordingly undertaken when a somewhat unusual opportunity for obtaining chylous fluid presented itself, with the object of adding to the data already published, confirmation or correction of the usually accepted ideas regarding the composition of chyle. The samples of the fluid analysed were drawn from the thorax of a woman fifty-eight years old and were collected over a period of about three months. From the second of November until the eight of April (date of patient's death) fifteen extractions, with a total volume of forty-eight and one-fourth pints, were made. At first the fluid was present only in the left side of the thorax, then for a short time in both the right and left sides, and during the last month and a half, in the right side only. Eight analyses were made, five of the fluid taken from the left side, and three from the right.