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Master's Thesis

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Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Committee Chair

Ouyang, Ming

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Nasraoui, Olfa

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El-Baz, Ayman S.

Author's Keywords

Computer vision; Traffic sign; Stereoscopic; Image processing


Computer vision; Pattern recognition systems; Image processing--Digital techniques


Traffic sign (TS) detection and tracking is one of the main tasks of an autonomous vehicle which is addressed in the field of computer vision. An autonomous vehicle must have vision based recognition of the road to follow the rules like every other vehicle on the road. Besides, TS detection and tracking can be used to give feedbacks to the driver. This can significantly increase safety in making driving decisions. For a successful TS detection and tracking changes in weather and lighting conditions should be considered. Also, the camera is in motion, which results in image distortion and motion blur. In this work a fast and robust method is proposed for tracking the stop signs in videos taken with stereoscopic cameras that are mounted on the car. Using camera parameters and the detected sign, the distance between the stop sign and the vehicle is calculated. This calculated distance can be widely used in building visual driver-assistance systems.