Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name

M. Eng.


Chemical Engineering

Committee Chair

Willing, Gerold A.

Author's Keywords

Mixing; Design; System; Hydrosolutions


Mixing machinery; Production engineering--Case studies


A processing facility in Trenton, Ky owned by HydroSolutions is in need of modernization in order to increase efficiency in the mixing process, improve the safety of the facility, and give the facility the ability to expand in the future. The main idea of HydroSolution’s processing strategies is based on a lean manufacturing policy, and as such this zero waste mentality must be maintained after the modifications have been completed. The plant produces a number of chemical combinations that are provided mainly to rendering facilities, as well as other companies in order to remove odors and unwanted chemicals from air streams. For the facility to accomplish the goals listed previously, modifications to existing equipment as well as the addition of new equipment have been recommended. The mixing station within the facility will be refabricated, utilizing semi-permanent vessels to hold raw material, as well as involve two larger storage vessels outside for the raw materials that are used more often. Pumps will be installed to load and unload every vessel. The entire mixing system will switch from a gravity driven system using manually operated valves to a pump driven system that utilizes automatic valves. A new software system will be implemented to connect the valves with flow meters in order to mix the product combinations accurately and automatically. The entire system will be designed to create the smallest amount of waste possible in order to fulfill the demands of HydroSolutions. These modifications will greatly improve the efficiency of the facility. A process that would usually be done by two or more operators manually will now be replaced by a process that will be done automatically by one operator. The amount of possible leaks and drip sites on the mixing station has been reduced, increasing the safety and cleanliness within the facility. With these new modifications, the facility will be able to produce more product than ever before, and do so while wasting little to no raw material.