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Master's Thesis

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Leung, Brian Joseph

Author's Keywords

Before your eyes; Creative; Love; Car wreck; Juliet; Rachel


Love--Fiction; Life--Fiction; Metaphysics--Fiction


This thesis acts as an entrance into the dialogue on the nature of love in human life. Literature by its very existence comments on the human condition and should consciously attempt to contribute to the discussion of what it means to be human, what it means to be us. Love is a part of who we are, an often misunderstood, manipulated, critiqued, disdained, and praised aspect of the human condition. Centuries of thinking have yet to explain the genesis of the idea, to conclusively explain or disprove the ideas of justice, hope, love, despite the mountains of scholarship contributed to just those proposed ends. This work is in no way an attempt to propose any universal answers, but for Josh, this one man, this one character, in this one present moment of trauma, this Lacanian interaction with the ‘Real’, I attempt to show what love is to him.