Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Industrial Engineering

Committee Chair

Evans, Gerald W.

Author's Keywords

Simulation; Paint; Multi-product; Arena


Painting, Industrial--Simulation methods


DENIOS manufactures steel structures for the storage, handling and containment of chemicals. The company has recently relocated into a larger manufacturing facility. This move will allow the manufacturing capacity of the company to grow for the three types of products: pallets, lockers and containers made by the company. However, the current painting capabilities of the company's paint department cannot grow as easily as the rest of the areas of the manufacturing process. This paper discusses ways the company can decrease the cycle times of products being sent through the paint department. By applying color blocking to arrival rates of some of the products, applying concepts of factory physics and Little's Law to reduce work in process and optimizing the batching process, the company can reduce the cycle time of the products.