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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Thomas, Lundeana Marie

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Burton, Nefertiti

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Burton, Nefertiti

Committee Member

Ross, Edna


Acting; Furman, Roger. Monsieur Baptiste, the Con Man; Furman, Roger--Characters--Madame Alvarez


This thesis examines my journey as an artist. It chronicles my beginning as an actor and the development of my skills and gift as a performer and educator. It also represents how theatre has been a major part of my self-discovery and continues to foster my growth and development. I describe how I fell in love with theatre, and what inspired me to pursue a career as an actor. I highlight my life changing experience at the University of Louisville, where I was challenged not only as an actor, but also as an individual. I discuss my most challenging experience at the university, which was approaching my thesis role Madame Alvarez in Monsieur Baptiste, the Con Man, the rehearsal process and its challenges as well as my final performance. I conclude discussing my overall experience at the University of Louisville, what I have learned and my future plans as an artist.