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Acridine is a compound that has a ring system similar to anthracene except that one of the CH groups is replaced by a -N- group. It is possible for this compound to have desmotropic forms as those that follow. When an amino group is present in the 3 or 6 position, there is possible another desmotropic form that probably causes a deepening in the color of the compound. Acridine and its derivatives are obtained by the destructive distillation of coal. It occurs in the crude anthracene obtained from the coal tar. Many of its derivatives are used as dyes and may be readily synthesized. The first acridine dye was obtained from the mother liquors from the manufacture of magenta by Nicholson in 1863. The constitution of this compound was discovered by Fisher and Koerner who prepared it by the condensation of o-nitro-benzalde-hyde with aniline and then reducing the nitro group.