Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Harris, Albert J.

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Acting; Aeschylus--Oresteia


In fulfillment of the thesis project requirement for the Master of Fine Arts Degree at the University of Louisville, I portrayed the multiple roles of Clytemnestra, Electra and Athena in Dr. Steve Schultz's translation of Aeschylus' "Oresteia" in February 1998. Additionally I acted in at least one play each semester utilizing the skills and techniques that I learned in the program's classwork. This document includes a discussion of each class, the methodology studied and how I was able to apply each class to that semester's acting project. It also contains personal observations of my own strengths and weaknesses as an actress and the steps I took to integrate those discoveries into my work on the stage. The final chapter presents an analysis of the characters Clytemnestra, Electra and Athena and the rehearsal process of "Oresteia."