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Master's Thesis

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Gregg, Jennifer L.

Author's Keywords

Farmers' markets; Social penetration theory; Healthy in a Hurry; Fresh Stop; African American health; Consumer relationships


Farmers' markets--Kentucky--Louisville; African Americans--Nutrition; African American consumers--Kentucky--Louisville; Health promotion--Kentucky--Louisville--Citizen participation; Food--Social aspects


The purpose of this study is to obtain a better understanding of the interactions and the social environment of the local farmers' markets, Fresh Stops, and Healthy in a Hurry Corner Stores in West Louisville and East Downtown. This study will review some of the current literature on the local farmers' markets and Fresh Stops of Louisville while focusing on the perspectives of farmers and vendors who transport the fresh and fruits and vegetables into the communities. The experiences and perspectives of local farmers and vendors will provide insight on consumer trends and characteristics. Most important, this study will examine how the local farmers and vendors view the consumer response to the local farmers' markets, Fresh Stops and Healthy in a Hurry Corner Stores. The study also explores the role of communication as it is critical to awareness, healthy diet promotions, and as a mechanism for encouragement and increased fruits and vegetable consumption. To develop a clear understanding of the perspectives of farmers and vendors who interact with the African American consumers, in-depth interviews were conducted with participants connected with each organization. Data analyses were performed based on Owen's criteria to determine recurring and important themes.