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Master's Thesis

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Walker, Kandi L.

Author's Keywords

Black barbershop; Black men; Black male communication; African American communication


Barbershops--Social aspects; African American men--Social life and customs; African American men--Conduct of life; African American men--Psychology


Labeled as a man's environment, the Black barbershop is a sacred location for Black men. Yet, it is unclear how Black men communicate in the Black barbershop. This research study examined the communicative process of Black men within the Black barbershop. More specifically, the study examined how Black men communicate in the Black barbershop. Using Owen's criteria for a thematic analysis, two themes emerged from the study: Manhood versus Masculinity and Fluidity versus Rigidity. The results of the study revealed that Black men displayed their manhood by talking about the roles and responsibilities roles they fulfill and the impact of helping others in their community. It is through discussions and reactions from others that men display their masculinity. In addition, Black men revealed how the barbershop environment is a place to feely be "Black men," but the barbershop, through unspoken rules restrained Black men to fit into socially acceptable personas.