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Master's Thesis

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Ferre, John Patrick

Author's Keywords

Discussion boards; Jewish intermarriage; Jewish interfaith relationships


Interfaith marriage (Jewish law)--Electronic discussion groups; Interfaith marriage--Electronic discussion groups; Marriage--Religious aspects--Judaism; Marriage--Social aspects


Following previous studies on the rate of increase and behavior of the American Jewish intermarried, this study sought to determine what individuals are discussing about Jewish interfaith relationships and intermarriage. Four scholarly issues were identified as topics of concern: romantic love, independence, concern for children, and ethnicity. Two Internet discussion boards, and, were analyzed using the four topics as a basis for narrative analysis. The messages analyzed on and showed that these four topics are not restricted to the scholarly literature, but are also discussed in public among individuals concerned with Jewish interfaith relationships and intermarriage who come from a mix of religious affiliations. Nearly three quarters of the population posting comments on the discussion boards were women, who identified themselves broadly as either Jewish or Christian. The findings suggest that individuals discuss all four of these topics.