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Master's Thesis

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Beattie, Blake R.

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Religious history; European history


Christianity--Scandinavia--History; Scandinavia--Religion--History


The conversion of Scandinavia, Iceland and Finland occurred over many years and resulted in the formation of Scandinavian monarchies, a strong Icelandic parliament, and an loosely organized Finnish nation. The conversion of Northern Europe was completed Viking style with aggressive tactics, involvement of few as outside leaders as possible, and reward seeking converts. Viking explorations introduced the Northern European communities to Christianity and Northern Europeans acknowledged the religion in their own societies even though they did not completely embrace it. When their status quo was upset, Northern Europeans looked to Christianity as a solution to their woes. Promoted by the leaders of Northern European societies and forced upon the masses, Northern Europeans eventually pledged their loyalty to the Christian God, and accepted Christian customs. As more Christian beliefs were accepted, Northern Europeans became more integrated into the European society. The conversion transformed Scandinavia, Iceland and Finland politically, socially, and economically.