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Master's Thesis

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Fine Arts

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Begley, John P.

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Morrin, Peter

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Morrin, Peter

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Allen, Annette C.

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Twitter; Museums; Social networks


Twitter; Museum visitors--Services for--Technological innovations; Museums--Technological innovations; Online social networks; Museums--Marketing


With the evolution of social networks and technological innovations, services such as Twitter provide a platform for increased dialogue and participation. Micro-blogging features enable individuals and organizations to communicate directly, providing a new source of individual commentary that breaks the barriers of traditional communicative paradigms. This research targets museum social networking through close examination of the history of Twitter in museums, as well as its benefits, strategies, and goals in utilizing technology to foster an authentic museum experience. Another aim of this study is to highlight the challenges and obstacles museums face in constructing a social network that positively supports its mission and respective collection. Five local and national museums are examined in addition to an in-depth analysis of the American Museum of Natural History. By expanding traditional modes of participation and effectively utilizing Twitter, each museum delivered differentiated approaches for reaching institutional success in engaging audiences.

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