Date on Master's Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation


Document Type

Master's Thesis

Degree Name



Fine Arts

Committee Chair

Burns, Richard Todd

Author's Keywords

Sharon Madison; Ceramics; Functional pottery; Vessel; Mishima; Clay




Clay has been an integral part of my life from early childhood. The attempts of five-year-old hands to create vessels always ended up failures in my young eyes. Having had the blessings in my life to study under Richard Burns and the Master, Tom Marsh, I have learned to create, in permanency, the kinds of vessels my five-year-old heart yearned for. My exploration in the study of ceramics has been, and always will be, the center of my life in art. This exploration has brought me from the functional to an exaggeration of the functional. A way from the wheel, I have found a new comfort in the creation of my visions from my environment, my forest, my earth. These works represent my vision of special places at the creek which runs far back in my woods. The texture and the visual pleasure of watching the effect of weather and time, on a spot of earth special to me, is the essence of my work.