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Master's Thesis

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Theatre Arts

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Hottois, Michael F.


Parks, Suzan-Lori. In the blood; Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery


From the moment the audience enters the auditorium the play is a mystery. They are looking for clues as to the nature of the story in which they are about to participate. The designer's job is to select what these clues are. How does the designer decide what the audience will see or won't see? The audience sees only the final product which is a culmination of the process of creation. It is this process that is important and will lead to the creation of a successful theatrical environment, one which goes beyond the 4th wall to create a living, organic, and deeply personal connection with the audience. My goals for IN THE BLOOD: (1) Take complete charge of design elements early on in the process (make up my mind sooner and have confidence in myself; (2) Pay attention to the minute detail; (3) Have a strong vision for the design and don't shy away from that vision while still being open for compromise; (4) Initiate communication early on with the director; (5) Complete all designs by the required deadlines; (6) Document the process. The product is important but it is the process where the knowledge is to be gleaned.