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In this age in which we live it is not hard to find a problem but it is often difficult to choose one. These problems have arisen as a result of the complex social and industrial institutions which have evolved as a result of human inventiveness and the competition among men to better our living conditions and increase our comforts. According to statistics compiled by the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the proportion of those who enjoy these modern conveniences is small when compared to those who have suffered as a result. The problem of this study is one which is in the process of being solved. Like most evils, it was discovered only after it had invaded the lives of children and robbed them of their real educational opportunity. Bureaus, attendance departments and commissions have been created to study the problem and prevent its growth. It was hoped that eventually a satisfactory solution would be offered which would in a large way alleviate the proposition. Great strides have been made and many of the underlying causes have been discovered, yet there is much to learn that will be brought to light with the effort that is being exerted by these offices. The cure for the problem will be the climax of the work. Many suggestions have been offered, a few adopted, but none with a satisfactory result. Undoubtedly the cure for the problem is not far off and when it is discovered the application will be but a matter of routine.