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Spring 2012




This article discusses a service-learning trip I took in the summer of 2011 to conduct a series of consultations and workshops for librarians, administrators, faculty, and students at Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) and the University of Development Studies (UDS) in Northern Ghana. The visit was organized in support of a series of programs and collaborations that have been ongoing for several years between the University of Louisville (U of L) School of Public Health and Information Science (SPHIS) and TTH and UDS. The goal of the visit was twofold: to provide a series of training workshops to improve the research, database, and digital skills of clinicians, faculty, and students; and to conduct a needs assessment and gather data to develop grant proposals to acquire financial support for education, training, and information needs of the teaching hospital and schools of nursing and medicine.

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This article was originally published in Kentucky Libraries, volume 76, number 2, Spring 2012.