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Two articles in the December 1992 College English presented historical perspectives on the field of Basic Writing. In "Conflict and Struggle: The Enemies or Preconditions of Basic Writing?" Min-Zhan Lu argued for the value of a pedagogy in which conflict and struggle help Basic Writers to reposition themselves; she suggested that resistance to such a pedagogy is traceable to three pioneers in the field, Kenneth Bruffee, Thomas Farrell, and Mina Shaughnessy, and the historical context in which they worked. In "Waiting for an Aristotle, " Paul Hunter analyzed the special issue of the Journal of Basic Writing published in 1980 as a memorial to Mina Shaughnessy, finding a conservative impulse both in its structure and in its reading of Shaughnessy's message. This symposium presents several commentaries on Lu 's and Hunter's articles, followed by the authors' responses. Sources for all contributions to the Symposium are combined in a common Works Cited list at the end.


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Laurence, Patricia, et al. "Symposium on Basic Writing, Conflict and Struggle, and the Legacy of Mina Shaughnessy." 1993. College English 55(8): 894-901.