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Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development


Interdisciplinary majors are a growing feature of the undergraduate university (Robles, 1998). Their widespread popularity should be of interest to both professional academics and student affairs professionals. These programs present unique opportunities to foster engagement across difference and to encourage a critically reflective learning approach, a style that the Association of American Colleges and Universities (2002), the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators and the American College Personnel Association (2004) all advocate. While highlighting the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinary programs, these authors, who graduated with bachelor’s degrees in interdisciplinary majors, will argue that these programs provide important opportunities for bridging gaps between the academic and student affairs spheres of university life.

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Belue, Jess and Buckley, David (2007) "Interdisiplinarity: A Major Issue," The Vermont Connection: Vol. 28 , Article 12, pp. 100-111.