Artificial human face recognition via Daubechies wavelet transform and SVM

Manel Boukhris, Université de Sousse
Abdallah A. Mohamed, University of Louisville
Darryl D'Souza, University of Louisville
Marc Beck, University of Louisville
Najoua Essoukri Ben Amara, Université de Sousse
Roman V. Yampolskiy, University of Louisville


This work presents an approach for applying face recognition to non-biological entities (avatars) in virtual worlds to achieve authentication. Massively multiplayer online games involve virtual worlds which require avatar identification to avoid fraud. First, virtual worlds and avatars are briefly discussed. Next, the concepts of facial biometrics and the face recognition systems are presented. Later, support vector machines and wavelet transforms are introduced as classification tools. Finally, the dataset and the designed biometric system are described with the obtained results. © 2011 IEEE.