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The star-formation rate in galaxies is well known to correlate with stellar mass (the ‘star-forming main sequence’). Here, we extend this further to explore any additional dependence on galaxy surface brightness, a proxy for stellar mass surface density. We use a large sample of low-redshift (z ≤ 0.08) galaxies from the Galaxy And Mass Assembly survey which have both spectral energy distribution (SED) derived star-formation rates and photometric bulge-disc decompositions, the latter providing measures of disc surface brightness and disc masses. Using two samples, one of galaxies fitted by a single component with Sérsic index below 2 and one of the discs from two-component fits, we find that once the overall mass dependence of star-formation rate is accounted for, there is no evidence in either sample for a further dependence on stellar surface density.


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S Phillipps, S Bellstedt, M N Bremer, R De Propris, P A James, S Casura, J Liske, B W Holwerda, Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): the dependence of star formation on surface brightness in low-redshift galaxies, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 518, Issue 4, February 2023, Pages 5475–5482,