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We present early science results from Deep Investigation of Neutral Gas Origins (DINGO), an H I survey using the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP). Using ASKAP subarrays available during its commissioning phase, DINGO early science data were taken over ∼60 deg2 of the Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) 23 h region with 35.5 h integration time. We make direct detections of six known and one new sources at z < 0.01. Using H I spectral stacking, we investigate the H I gas content of galaxies at 0.04 < z < 0.09 for different galaxy colours. The results show that galaxy morphology based on optical colour is strongly linked to H I gas properties. To examine environmental impacts on the H I gas content of galaxies, three subsamples are made based on the GAMA group catalogue. The average H I mass of group central galaxies is larger than those of satellite and isolated galaxies, but with a lower H I gas fraction. We derive a variety of H I scaling relations for physical properties of our sample, including stellar mass, stellar mass surface density, NUV − r colour, specific star formation rate, and halo mass. We find that the derived H I scaling relations are comparable to other published results, with consistent trends also observed to ∼0.5 dex lower limits in stellar mass and stellar surface density. The cosmic H I densities derived from our data are consistent with other published values at similar redshifts. DINGO early science highlights the power of H I spectral stacking techniques with ASKAP


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Jonghwan Rhee, Martin Meyer, Attila Popping, Sabine Bellstedt, Simon P Driver, Aaron S G Robotham, Matthew Whiting, Ivan K Baldry, Sarah Brough, Michael J I Brown, John D Bunton, Richard Dodson, Benne W Holwerda, Andrew M Hopkins, Bärbel S Koribalski, Karen Lee-Waddell, Ángel R López-Sánchez, Jon Loveday, Elizabeth Mahony, Sambit Roychowdhury, Kristóf Rozgonyi, Lister Staveley-Smith, Deep investigation of neutral gas origins (DINGO): H I stacking experiments with early science data, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 518, Issue 3, January 2023, Pages 4646–4671,