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Fall 2015


Social Work


The mass incarceration of young Black males for drug-related offences is a social issue that has broad implications. Some scholars have described this as a new form of racism that needs to be addressed through the concerted effort of various institutions, including the Black Church. In this paper the authors will elucidate the past and current roles of the Black Church, discuss the utilization of the social work Theory of Empowerment and Black Church theology to address the disproportionality of drug-related mass incarceration of young Black males, focus on initiatives undertaken by the Black Church to address this issue and further, discuss the role of the Black Church in ex-drug offender reentry and reintegration. This paper will conclude with implications for the Black Church and incarcerated young Black males.


This article was originally published in Social Work and Christianity, Journal of the North American Association of Christians in Social Work.

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Moore, Sharon E., A. Christson Adedoyin, Michael A. Robinson and Daniel A. Boamah. "The Black Church: Responding to the Drug-Related Mass Incarceration of Young Black Males: 'If you had been here my Brother would not have died!'" 2015. Social Work and Christianity 42(3): 313-331.