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Senior Honors Thesis

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College of Arts and Sciences

Author's Keywords

e-cigs; electronic cigarettes; college population; perception; attitude; usage


Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are increasing in popularity. Originally, e-cigs were marketed and sold primarily online, but now they are easily accessible in a variety of locations, such as specialty and convenience stores, retail outlets, as well as online. Despite the increasing popularity of these devices, little is known about the overall health effects of using e-cigs. Additionally, relatively few studies have explored users’ and non-users’ perceptions of and attitudes about the devices and their use. The primary objective of this study was to address that gap by examining perceptions of and attitudes about e-cigs from users and non-users. A questionnaire was used to obtain information about participants’ attitudes, perceptions, and usage of e-cigs. Surprisingly, 6% of the sample had not heard of e-cigs and only 7.1% were current e-cigarette (e-cig) users. E-cig users were characterized as males with lower GPAs and lower self-reported overall health. E-cig users were most involved with Greek life, spent the least time studying, and spent the most time involved with RSOs and exercising. Generally, e-cigs were perceived as unsafe and an unhealthy option, and participants were unsure of the ingredients contained in e-cig vapor. This information may be beneficial in developing more informative health communication material.

Lay Summary

In this thesis, I will be analyzing university students’ attitudes, perceptions and usage of electronic-cigarettes. Through my investigation, I plan to examine the relationship between involvement within extracurricular activities, work and school with use of e-cigarettes. The overall perception of e-cigarettes in general, attitudes of users and non-users towards e-cigarettes are the main interest within my study.