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Senior Honors Thesis

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Fine Arts

Author's Keywords

Graphic Design; Culture; Brazil; United States; Typography; Branding


This cultural thesis is set to investigate the use of typography in branding, and how the same is influenced by cultural aspects, specifically in the United States and Brazil. The contrasting experience I have had as a student of graphic design in these two countries led me to discover the influence culture has in dictating the typography design use in branding. Typography, branding and cultural influences have been significantly researched in the past, but historically as three separate subjects, without focusing on the importance of their association and how they influence one another cross-culturally. Since the impact of graphic design and the power of typography is important to branding, global brands need to adapt and be relatable to multiple cultures. The aim of this thesis is to fill this existing gap between these three matters and show the importance of the connection between typography, branding, and culture, specifically across Brazil and the United States.