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Senior Honors Thesis


Fine Arts

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College of Arts and Sciences

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Design; Marketing; Hispanic; Latino


One in six United States citizens (almost seventeen percent of the population) identifies themselves as Hispanic.1 As this demographic continues to grow in numbers and expand its influence on the country, it is worth exploring how to better target this audience. Many advertising and design agencies are already reaching out to U.S. Latinos, but are they doing so effectively? Although more companies are attempting to reach out to this demographic, their attempts may be unsuccessful. Understanding what makes these advertisements successful or unsuccessful can be extremely effective in determining how to better target the Hispanic market. An analysis of Hispanic culture and design reveals that designers and advertisers can more effectively target the Latino audience by achieving a deeper understanding of the group. This paper examines how to effectively target the Hispanic audience based on insight into their culture, culminating in a design project that puts this information into practice.

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