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Senior Honors Thesis


Psychological and Brain Sciences

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College of Arts and Sciences

Author's Keywords

Anxiety Sensitivity; Interoception; Gender differences in anxiety; Sensitivity; Interoceptive; Task performance; Anxiety; Sensitivity; Index and gender; Mindful interoceptive; Sampling task and gender; Schandry task and gender


This study examined whether males or females have higher anxiety sensitivity, and how this may affect performance on interoceptive tasks. Females in this study, reported significantly higher rates of anxiety sensitivity than males, as measured by the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (Taylor et al., 2007). No significant gender differences were found on either of two interoceptive sensitivity tasks, the Schandry Heartbeat Detection task (Schandry, 1981) and the Mindfulness Interoceptive Sampling Task (Dreeben, 2012). Results of this study suggest that, although females have higher self-reported anxiety sensitivity than males, this does not appear to either enhance or hinder their performance on interoceptive awareness tasks.

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Psychology Commons