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The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections


Editor-in-Chief: Julio A. Ramirez, University of Louisville
Managing Editor: Kimberley Buckner, University of Louisville

The University of Louisville Journal of Respiratory Infections is a peer-reviewed journal which is fully subsidized by the University of Louisville and the Robley Rex VA Medical Center Clinical Research Foundation. This allows us the unique opportunity to have a journal that does not require a fee for readers (open access) and  does not require payment on behalf of the authors. We strongly believe that submitting investigators should not be required to pay for processing articles that highlight their research.

The journal combines cutting-edge original research with state-of-the-art reviews dealing with all aspects of respiratory infections and therapeutic interventions.

The journal dissemination of research and education is greatly enhanced with a combination of text, audio, images, animation, video and interactive content.

The University of Louisville supports research to improve the medical treatment of people in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Robley Rex VA Medical Center Clinical Research Foundation supports research to improve the medical treatment of our nation’s Veterans.

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1 (2018)


Adult Patients Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Hospitalized for Community-Acquired Pneumonia in the United States: Incidence and Outcomes
Leslie A. Beavin, Stephen P. Furmanek, Paula Peyrani, Anupama Raghuram, Forest W. Arnold, Mark Burns, and Julio A. Ramirez


Effectiveness of the Influenza Vaccine in Preventing Hospitalizations of Patients with Influenza Community-Acquired Pneumonia
Thomas Chandler, Stephen P. Furmanek, Connor L. English, Connor Glick, Wesley Trail, Lara Daniels, Ugochukwu Owolabi, Ruth Carrico, Julio A. Ramirez, and Timothy L. Wiemken


A Software Tool for Automated Upload of Large Clinical Datasets Using REDCap and the CAPO Database
William A. Mattingly, Christopher Sinclair, Danna Williams, Matthew Grassman, Stephen Furmanek, Kimberley Buckner, and Mohammad Tahboub


Research Support Infrastructure: Implementing a Clinical Research Coordinating Center
Julio A. Ramirez, Paula Peyrani, William A. Mattingly, Forest W. Arnold, Timothy L. Wiemken, Robert R. Kelley, Leslie A. Wolf, Ruth M. Carrico, and the Clinical Research Coordinating Center Team


Bacteremic Pneumococcal Pneumonia: a Longitudinal Study in 279 Adult Patients from a Single Center
Jorge H. Gentile, Claudia Hernandez, Monica D. Sparo, Edgardo M. Rodriguez, Carolina Ceriani, and Florencia Bruggesser


Case 2-2017: An HIV-Positive Patient with COPD Admitted to the ICU with Respiratory Failure
Bhavani Puskur, Veronica Corcino, Srikant Ramachandruni, Viswanathan Nagarajan, and Forest W. Arnold