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Background: Although multilingual interfaces are preferred by most users when they have a choice, organizations are often unable to support and troubleshoot problems involving multiple user languages. Software that has been structured with multiple languages and data interlinking considerations early in its development is more likely to be easily maintained. We describe the process of adding multilingual support to the CAPO international Cohort study database using REDCap.

Methods: Using Google Translate API we extend the supported Spanish language version of REDCap to the most recent version used by CAPO, 8.1.4. We then translate the English data dictionary for CAPO to Spanish and link the two projects together using REDCap’s hook feature.

Results: The Community Acquired Pneumonia Organization database now supports data collection in Spanish for its international collaborators. REDCap’s program hook functionality facilitates both databases staying up to date. When a new case is added to the Spanish project, the case is also added to the English project and vice versa.

Conclusions: We describe the implementation of multilingual functionality in a data repository for community-acquired pneumonia and describe how similar projects could be structured using REDCap as an example software environment.



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