Journal of Wellness


Introduction: The deleterious direct and indirect effects of burnout among physicians and other health care professionals and learners have been well documented. Recently, there have been calls to shift the focus from distress and burnout to enhancing well-being of health care providers and learners. To this end, we developed a brief, well-being focused intervention entitled “CU Flourish” embedded in PERMA theory: positive emotion (P), engagement (E), relationships (R), meaning (M), and accomplishment (A) with a sixth domain – Health – in our working model. Within this framework, elements of values-based interventions, mindful awareness and psychological flexibility inherent to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy were integrated into the appropriate PERMAH domain modules. In this pilot study we examined the effectiveness of CU Flourish in increasing scores of workplace Well-being and Flourishing in a sample of health care professionals and learners.

Methods: Participants (N=20) completed pre-post surveys including validated measures and open-ended questions as part of the program evaluation.

Results: At post-course measurement, participants’ overall PERMAH Workplace Well-being scores, Flourishing Ratio, and Mindfulness scores increased.

Conclusion: Overall, the CU Flourish curriculum may be an effective and desirable intervention for enhancing workplace well-being among health care professionals and learners.





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