Journal of Wellness



Academic Emergency Physicians (EPs) face additional unique challenges in optimizing wellness compared to community EPs.


Our objective was to explore specific individual and systems challenges that academic EPs encounter that affect their wellbeing and professional fulfillment in emergency medicine (EM).


An expert group of academic EPs convened in 2019 at the annual meeting of the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine to investigate the overall causes of burnout in healthcare providers, the effects of burnout on the healthcare system, specific causes of burnout in EM, and the distinct challenges facing academic emergency physicians.


We outline specific causes of burnout in EM and the effects of burnout on the healthcare system. Scholarly productivity pressures, variable reimbursement gaps, time allotment, and work-life balance are challenges facing academic EPs.


Understanding the unique challenges of academic EPs in optimizing wellness is vital to inform future research and effective interventions.





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