Journal of Wellness


Introduction: This article presents Part 2 of the biannual JWellness Review of literature from 2021 (July – December). We emphasize new science and resilience initiatives published outside of JWellness that seek understanding of burnout and thriving among healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Methods: For the interval of July 1 to December 30, 2021, PubMed was queried for empirical and observational research studies, review articles, guideline summaries, letters, and editorials. Of 93 results, we reviewed methods and salient points to arrive at a final list of 48 articles for inclusion.

Literature in Review: Common themes that emerged included teamwork, EMR optimization, group decompression, applications to support wellness interventions, and digital means of assessing burnout outcomes. COVID-19 exposed incident physician suicidal ideation and completion; however, some resilience measures are increasing despite continued waves of the pandemic. A few landmark publications described precedent control-measured wellness outcomes, each with positive results.

Conclusion: Results of early randomized controlled investigations are inspiring, especially those involving small groups, positive psychology, coaching, mindfulness, religion, and wellness curricula. We note a resounding commonality among investigated causes for provider burnout: poor institutional culture. Conversely, quality teams and collegiality represent protective factors. Individuals cannot succeed in large groups without systems interventions and support. Training programs must assess stress, motivation, engagement, financial health, and clinical supervision—all variables meaningfully associated with resilience.





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