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Introduction: The 2023 Part 1 summary reviews research on wellness in healthcare professionals published outside of JWellness from January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023.

Methods: Editors conducted a Boolean search of titles and abstracts in PubMed utilizing keyword identifiers pairing healthcare personnel (providers, nurses, and other staff) with a well-being metric. Of 416 relevant articles, an intriguing and innovative 30 were selected for inclusion, with two additional articles manually curated.

Literature in Review: This sample of the recent literature into healthcare professional wellness included multiple targeted interventions and studies of resilience. Main themes that emerged include: positive systematic healthcare changes spurned by COVID-19, strategies for retention of talent, optimistic outcomes from mindfulness interventions, work-life balance implications, bolstering of well-being through compassion, kindness and empathy, team resilience and cohesion, and well-being modifications recommended to medical training programs.

Conclusion: JWellness editors highlight positive outcomes related to the strain of COVID-19. We continue to advocate for and summarize resilience building interventions and systemic workplace changes that facilitate comprehensive well-being. Healthcare professionals equipped with tools of emotional regulation can not only endure a strenuous work environment, but will emerge stronger after encountering hardship.





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