2023 Midwest Ecology & Evolution Conference


ABSTRACT SUBMISSIONS CLOSED The Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference (MEEC) is an annual regional conference hosted by different Midwestern institutions each year and is organized and directed entirely by graduate students. This conference is graduate and undergraduate student-focused, providing a professional atmosphere for students of all levels to interact with and learn from their peers. Previous conferences have drawn between 250 and 300 attendees from universities around the Midwest. Attendees are typically composed of 45% graduate students, 45% undergraduate students, and 10% faculty members. Submit your abstracts for the Midwest Ecology & Evolution Conference 2023. There are both posters and oral presentations. Oral presentations will be 10-12 minutes with 3-5 minutes for questions. Please try to keep abstracts under 300 words. The form will ask you for a typed version and pdf version of the abstract. This is for redundancy and efficient programming.

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10am - 11am

Diversification and convergence following the transition from saltwater to freshwater in stingrays

Autumn D Magnuson

Efficacy of biocontrol against Chrysomelid pests in lab vs field studies: Potential biases of setting and phylogenetic subgroups

Blake Hudson

Environmental factors shaping a sawfly-associated community of parasitoids

Carson Kephart, Ohio State University - Main Campus
Robin K. Bagely, Ohio State University - Lima Campus

Evolution of a genus of gall wasp kleptoparasites

Guerin E. Brown, University of Iowa

Patterns of neural investment in sensory modalities of tropical canopy and understory-dwelling ants (Pseudomyrmex)

Daniella Prince

The effects of prescribed fire on ant community composition in a temperate deciduous forest

Emma Jones

Saturday, April 1st
10:30 AM

Foliar Endophytic Fungi Alter Plant Host Chemistry

Noelle Visser

Room 131

10:30 AM - 10:45 AM