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Belle II is the next generation B-Factory experiment at the world's highest luminosity accelerator the SuperKEKB collider, which is designed to collect 50 times more data than the previous generation experiments. A hallmark feature of B-Factory experiments is to use novel characteristics of Cherenkov detectors for identification of the flavor of charged particles passing through the detector. The TOP and the ARICH detectors can identify charged pions and kaons with high precision. The response to the passage of high energetic particles in the detector is modeled with the Geant4 simulation toolkit. Here we compare the performances of these two detectors of particle identification at the Belle II experiment following an upgrade of the list of physical processes simulated by the Geant4 toolkit. The new list is found to give consistent results when compared to the default list while improving the CPU requirement of the Geant4 toolkit by as much as 25%.

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Belle II, Geant4, ARICH, TOP, Belle2, SuperKEKB


Elementary Particles and Fields and String Theory

Validation of upgrade of the Geant4 Simulation Toolkit to Model the Responses from TOP and ARICH Detectors