This collection includes faculty and staff scholarship from the Department of Management in the College of Business. For more information about what types of scholarship may be included, please see our Collection Policy.


Submissions from 2024


Enduring, Strategizing, and Rising Above: Workplace Dignity Threats and Responses Across Job Levels, Jacqueline Tilton, Kristen Lucas, Jennifer J. Kish-Gephart, and Justin K. Kent

Submissions from 2018


Research support infrastructure: Implementing a clinical research coordinating center, Julio A. Ramirez, Paula Peyrani, William A. Mattingly, Forest W. Arnold, Timothy L. Wiemken, Robert R. Kelley, Leslie A. Wolf, Ruth M. Carrico, and Andrea Reyes-Vega

Submissions from 2013


Moving beyond themes: Reimagining the qualitative analysis curriculum, Kristen Lucas and Suzy D'Enbeau