Journal of Refugee & Global Health

About This Journal

Why a new Journal? Journal of Refugee & Global Health

The 21st century continues to see increasing interest in the health of the world’s population, spurred by the impact of societal changes and political influences on health conditions affecting all populations. One major example of societal and political influences on global health: the millions of refugees seeking resettlement in the U.S. and other countries each year.

The plight of refugee populations demonstrates the challenges and opportunities that exist when there is a confluence of cultures and health needs, illustrating that addressing health has expanded beyond the sole arena of healthcare. Addressing health on a global platform requires embracing a holistic approach, creating a robust environment of learning supported and driven by involvement from the full array of professions and disciplines. This environment must promote rapid exchange of ideas, approaches, research, education, and outcomes on a platform of interprofessional collaboration.

At present, impediments to such rapid exchange include the lack of a sufficient number of journals that can both accept relevant publications and promote work being done to educate and share real world interventions. The goal of the Journal of Refugee and Global Health is to promote and disseminate all levels of quality research and work that is occurring to address the needs of refugee and global health.

Our goal is to ensure that there is an opportunity to publish and to access high quality, peer-reviewed work without a charge. This journal does not charge APCs or submission charges. Researchers and educators must have an ability to share new knowledge without having to pay to publish. Readers must be able to access all of the information without having to pay. The result is an environment that actively seeks new knowledge with an ability to make it rapidly and universally available: global health knowledge, freely available to the global community.