Journal of Refugee & Global Health

Aims & Scope

Our goal is to ensure that there is an opportunity to publish and to access high quality, peer-reviewed work without a charge. Researchers and educators must have an ability to share new knowledge without having to pay to publish. Readers must be able to access all of the information without having to pay. The result is an environment that actively seeks new knowledge with an ability to make it rapidly and universally available. Global health knowledge should be freely available to the global community.

What is the mission of the JRGH?

To facilitate both the publication and dissemination of quality research and educational information in the areas of refugee and global health.

What are the goals of the JRGH?

To produce information that is:

1) peer-reviewed;

2) open access;

3) free of charge for authors; and

4) published online through traditional articles as well as multimedia.

Why peer review?

JRGH publishes scholarly articles peer-reviewed by experts in the field, with the goal of ensuring scientific validity of the information reaching the Journal audience.

Why open access?

JRGH publications are open access, in order to facilitate the movement of information into the large global community interested in the field of refugee and global health. Dissemination of scientific information is seriously limited when a fee must be paid in order to distribute or access the information.

Why no article-processing charges?

Only a fraction of investigators generating new knowledge in the field of refugee and global health are funded investigators. A significant body of research is performed with unfunded studies. JRGH publications are free of charge to ensure that lack of financial support for an investigator is not an impediment to publish his/her work.

Why multimedia?

The JRGH disseminates information in traditional text manuscript format (articles) as well as multimedia format. The Journal dissemination of research and education is greatly enhanced with a combination of text, audio, images, animation, video and interactive content.

There is consensus among the community of investigators in the field of refugee and global health regarding the need to improve our capacity to publish and disseminate our research. The Journal of Refugee & Global Health was created to fulfill this need.