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Read the instructions below to submit your research electronically.

For further information about the kinds of publications that you may self-deposit see the ThinkIR Collection Policy. We will send a confirmation email to your official UofL email account once UofL accepts your deposit into the repository. However, your deposit will not become publically accessible on the ThinkIR site until University Libraries has added the necessary subject cataloging and locating information.

ThinkIR accepts all file formats. However, University Libraries highly recommends the use of the following specific file types in order to increase the likelihood of safely migrating files into future technologies resulting in their enduring availability through time. Word and RTF files are converted to PDF when they are imported into the repository. For recommended formats for supplementary materials, see the Recommended Format Statement of the Library of Congress.

Submission Process.

Please make sure you have the following items available before starting your deposit:

  • The title of your scholarship
  • The abstract (up to 250 words)
  • A list of keywords that best represent the content of the submission (6 maximum)
  • The electronic version of your file, or hyperlink to your file, if any
Click on the appropriate link below to submit your research as a capstone, electronic thesis or dissertation, or faculty scholarship, and log in with your ULink ID and password.


  1. Accept the appropriate Nonexclusive License by re-reading it and checking the “I agree” box confirming that you have read and understood the license agreement.
  2. Provide information about yourself and any and all co-authors as requested in the instructions. For materials by multiple authors:
    • Please be aware that any co-authors of the scholarship will most likely jointly own copyright in the scholarship with you and other co-authors.
    • You should notify all co-authors about your intent to make a deposit prior to depositing a multi-author work in the institutional repository. U.S. government employees cannot hold copyright in works produced in the course of their employment.
    • You will confirm in the deposit and license agreement that you made all necessary legal arrangements with any and all co-authors before making the deposit and identify whether any of the co-authors hold U.S. government employment and produced the scholarship as part of their government duties.
  3. Upload your electronic file and associated files as directed.

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