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Since the start of software development at the Belle II experiment operating at the KEK national laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan, the simulation tool kit Geant4 has undergone several updates. As a member in the ongoing collaboration, the University of Louisville’s High Energy Physics (HEP) group is striving to validate newer versions of Geant4 to maximize improvements of physics performance.We have simulated the performance of a new physics list sub-module, the "Belle2 PhysicsList", with improved modeling of hadronic shower shape and standard electromagnetic processes. Using a reconstruction-based selection procedure on tau-pair events decaying into a final state consisting ofe lectrons, photons, and pions, we have concluded that the Belle2 PhysicsList is consistent with the default present in Geant4 v10.1.2. Furthermore, using a sample of bb-bar events, we find that the Belle2 PhysicsList decreases CPU requirements by up to 25%

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high energy physics, Belle II, validation, particle physics, KEK, Geant4


Elementary Particles and Fields and String Theory

Validating the Belle2 PhysicsList in Geant4 v10.1.2