Grawemeyer Colloquium Papers


  1. Introduction

The purpose of this study was to investigate reasons why the transition from an undergraduate co-op to the academic semester is difficult. Student transitions from co-op back to the institution are difficult for students and this research helps understand why students have difficulty.

Cooperative education programs (co-ops) are partnerships between industries and universities that grant students hands-on experience in their field. Students are benefitted in many ways from co-op experiences, however, there are some instances where the transition back into an academic semester is difficult for students.

This study takes place at a large southeast research institution. The engineering college has mandatory co-op rotations and functions on a three-semester academic year.

This research is a case study approach to determine the reasons why transitions from co-op to university are difficult.

  • What are the transitional issues from co-op back to the university for students?
  • What demographic of students are most/least affected?