The Cardinal Edge

Submission Information

All submissions are due by April 30th for each publication cycle. Following submission, TCE editors will notify authors of the status of their articles; decisions are made on a rolling basis. See below for more information on how to submit.

How to Submit

When you go to Submit an Article you will need to login with your UofL credentials. From there you will be walked through a few prompts to submit your article. The submission process consists of the following steps:

  1. Read and accept the Article Submission Agreement
  2. Provide information about yourself
  3. Provide information about co-authors
  4. Upload your article and related items
  5. You must upload TCE Policies & Submission Agreement. Your paper will be automatically rejected without this form. It is necessary for all submissions, including mentored research

Before you begin please make sure you have the following items

  • Article Title
  • One of the following submission types: Abstract, Brief Report/Short Communication, and Full-length Manuscript
  • Keywords for your article (optional)
  • Articles in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word

For more information regarding the different types of submission types, please refer to the Aims and Scopes page.

For information regarding article formatting, please refer to the Policies page under Formatting Requirements.

*Note: All articles must be written in their respective writing style. For instance, for psychology papers, they should be written in APA style.

We appreciate your interest in The Cardinal Edge and look forward to reviewing your submissions! For questions or comments please contact cardedge@louisville.edu.