The Cardinal Edge

Chief Editors

Gopika Gopan, Executive Editor-in-Chief

Lisa Pham, Design Chief

Aamira Shah, Spotlight Chief

Abigail Stanger, Review Chief

Anna Simpson, Outreach Chief

Design Cohort

Harshith Gontla, Managing Editor

Gita Jaikumar, Team Member

Loghan Currin, Team Member

Sai Jeyaprakash, Team Member

Lindsey Lankford, Team Member

Spotlight Cohort

Jaley Adkins, Managing Editor

Robbie Hawkins, Team Member

Allicen White, Team Member

Rebecca Klukowski, Team Member

Yaara Alessia, Team Member

Haven Romero, Team Member

Amani Ikram, Team Member

Review Cohort

Betty Ngo, Managing Editor

Preeti Tanwani, Team Member

Xander Jarvis, Team Member

Kusum Kumar, Team Member

Tuesday Shaw, Team Member

Outreach Cohort

Kamal Amerineni, Managing Editor

Allie Redden, TeamMember

Tia Alchureiqi, Team Member

Hannah Limbong, Team Member

Annalise Hale, Team Member

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Mark Running, Department of Biology

Dr. Shira Rabin, Department of Biology

Dr. Brian Robinson, JB Speed School of Engineering

Journal Sponsor

Dr. Paul DeMarco, Center of Engaged Learning

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