The Cardinal Edge

Aims & Scope

Mission and Goals of TCE

  • Highlight research from ALL disciplines
  • Provide editorial and publication experience for undergraduate students
  • Inspire and engage more students in undergraduate research
  • Celebrate UofL’s research community

What TCE Publishes

The Cardinal Edge will feature a variety of literature including faculty spotlight, abstracts, brief research reports, and full-length research report. The general break down of each category is detailed below:

  1. Faculty Spotlight - The Cardinal Edge team will interview UofL research faculty and compile their answers into a cohesive article highlighting their experiences and journey with research, including any advice they have for undergraduate researchers. This section provides students a different perspective on research and an opportunity to connect with research faculty on campus.
  2. Research Abstracts - Abstracts are brief, standalone summaries that convey the purpose, general methods, and conclusions of the research project within 150-250 words. Supporting materials like diagrams, charts, and references will not be included.
  3. Brief Research Reports - Any undergraduate student can publish their original, independent research under this category. Brief reports are especially ideal for students who are still in the early stages of their research project but would like to share their preliminary findings. Brief reports will constitute a 1500-3000 word (not including abstract, illustrations and references) overview that typically includes the following sections: abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and references. However, all of these sections are not required.
  4. Full-length Research Reports - Students who have completed their research can choose to submit their work under this category. Full length manuscripts constitute 4000+ word reports, encompassing the entirety of their research. Senior Honors Theses can also be submitted under this category.

All sections, except faculty spotlight, are open to any undergraduate submitter. Students interested in publishing through The Cardinal Edge can visit the Submission Timeline and Submit Article page for further details regarding the submission process. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a part of the TCE team, please email us at cardedge@louisville.edu.