The Cardinal Edge

Volume 1, Issue 2 (2022)

Letter from the Editors

Dear Reader,

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the second issue of the University of Louisville’s sole undergraduate multidisciplinary research journal, The Cardinal Edge (TCE). We are also proud to announce TCE’s Best Papers of 2021-22 in Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. These papers present original methodology and novel solutions to contemporary global issues.

This past cycle, we received diverse submissions from over twenty fields of study. The pages of this issue feature research topics ranging from COVID-19 vaccination rates at the Kentucky Racing Health Services Center in Churchill Downs to the evaluation of LSD usage in the 1960s. We also feature three Spotlight articles detailing interviews with Drs. Maegen Rochner, Timothy O’Toole, and Lauren Heberle on the impact of climate change from multidisciplinary perspectives.

The abstracts, literature reviews, and research reports published in this issue have been reviewed by our journal’s editorial board and ad hoc reviewers of graduate students, faculty, and past authors. We owe the success of this publication to everyone who submitted their work for consideration, as well as editors, advisors, and other contributors. To you, the reader, we appreciate your faith in and support of TCE to relay the impressive research, creative endeavors, and scholarship conducted by fellow undergraduate students.

Since the release of our inaugural issue, TCE’s journal staff continues to be dedicated to our mission—bringing forth a narrative of academia from the undergraduate student perspective. The Cardinal Edge is unique in that our journal and initiatives are entirely student driven. In this publication year, we hosted our first panel event elucidating non-linear pathways into research and creative activity as a career. We also expanded our staff by recruiting seven new first-year members to ensure the longevity of the journal. TCE has formally established our partnership with the newly formed Center for Engaged Learning, expanded our reach to the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, and finalized our first Volume 1 Issue 1 print journal, which is now available for purchase.

We would like to express immense gratitude to our exemplary staff, as this publication would not be possible without their efforts, diligence, and commitment. We are grateful to our faculty advisors, Drs. Mark Running, Shira Rabin, and Brian Robinson, for their guidance and support. We also thank Dr. Paul DeMarco, Interim Director for the Center for Engaged Learning, for sponsorship. Finally, we thank ThinkIR, UofL’s Institutional Repository, for providing an accessible platform for undergraduates to submit and showcase their research.

Happy reading,

Your 2021-22 Editors-in-Chief

Betty Ngo

Gopika Gopan

Jahnavi Sunkara

Priya Chandrashekhar

Brief Research Reports

Faculty Spotlights


Women in STEM
Priyadarshini Chandrashekhar, Kelsey Littrell, and Aamira Shah


An Interdisciplinary Discussion on Climate Change
Aamira Shah, Jaley F. Adkins, Kelsey Littrell, and Priyadarshini Chandrashekhar

Research Abstracts


Characterization of the Function of PpRGTB2 from Mutant Phenotypes
Briana L. Seibert, Hyun Jin Jung, and Mark P Running


Evaluation of respiratory function using blood gas parameters in Yucatan minipigs following Spinal Cord Injury
Jackson Gallagher, Monique Morgan, Chase Knibbe, Destiny Gibson, and Maxwell Boakye

Full-length Research Reports

Literature Reviews

Chief Editors

Gopika Gopan, Executive Editor-in-Chief

Lisa Pham, Design Chief

Aamira Shah, Spotlight Chief

Abigail Stanger, Review Chief

Anna Simpson, Outreach Chief

Design Cohort

Harshith Gontla, Managing Editor

Gita Jaikumar, Team Member

Loghan Currin, Team Member

Sai Jeyaprakash, Team Member

Lindsey Lankford, Team Member

Spotlight Cohort

Jaley Adkins, Managing Editor

Robbie Hawkins, Team Member

Allicen White, Team Member

Rebecca Klukowski, Team Member

Yaara Alessia, Team Member

Haven Romero, Team Member

Amani Ikram, Team Member

Review Cohort

Betty Ngo, Managing Editor

Preeti Tanwani, Team Member

Xander Jarvis, Team Member

Kusum Kumar, Team Member

Tuesday Shaw, Team Member

Outreach Cohort

Kamal Amirneni, Managing Editor

Allie Redden, TeamMember

Tia Alchureiqi, Team Member

Hannah Limbong, Team Member

Annalise Hale, Team Member

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Mark Running, Department of Biology

Dr. Shira Rabin, Department of Biology

Dr. Brian Robinson, JB Speed School of Engineering

Journal Sponsor

Dr. Paul DeMarco, Center of Engaged Learning

Special thanks to Mahathi Gavuji for designing TCE's logo!

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