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Arts and Research Showcase 2023


In recent years, there has been an increased focus on minoritized students on college campuses and within higher education institutions. This data is situated as background research for a UofL Master’s research thesis titled, Identity and Cultural Expression Among Latinx Students in Higher Education by Isabel Abarca. Based on UofL's Card Analytics program and Common Data Sets, there were numerous disparities found between Latinx students and the total student population, with significant differences when compared to white students. From 2005 to 2022 the proportion of Latinx students increased steadily, more than tripling the number of Latinx degree-seeking undergrads on campus, yet the average acceptance rate of Latinx students has remained proportionally lower than white degree-seeking undergrads. In addition to student data points, employee data regarding tenure track, occupational advancement opportunities, and job types were also analyzed to provide a more holistic view of the university’s relationship with the Latinx community. In conclusion, there are patterns of the University of Louisville historically providing different and often lesser opportunities to Latinx students and employees at an institutional level. However, this data also indicates positive outcomes and characteristics of Latinx students and employees that indicate determination and excellence, despite the circumstances.