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The use of E-cigarettes is a fairly recent phenomenon. Vaping is seen as the “healthier” alternative to smoking cigarettes, yet we know little about the developmental toxicity of commercially available vaping products. In the current study, C57Bl/6 mice were exposed to Vuse Alto Golden Tobacco pods (5% nicotine) 4 days before mating and throughout gestation (GD19) for 1 hour/day every day. Offspring birth outcomes were measured with liver tissue collected at weaning. Gross histology and gene expression in the SIRT1-FXR pathway were examined via qPCR analysis with male and female offspring analyzed separately. No differences in gross morphology or cell area were found between the Vape and Sham group offspring (neither male or female). Female Vape offspring exhibited reduced Sirt1 gene expression when compared to Sham offspring, with no impact noted for males. Additional downstream genes (PEPCK, HK, LXR) were also analyzed with trends toward an impact of prenatal Vape exposure noted though the outcomes varied.

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