The Cardinal Edge

Volume 1, Issue 1 (2021) Issue 1

Letter from the Editors

To the University of Louisville Community,

It is our honor to bring to you the Fall 2021 issue of The Cardinal Edge (TCE), the University of Louisville’s (UofL) sole peer-reviewed, student-run, annual undergraduate research journal. TCE is committed to showcasing high-level student research and creative activity from UofL’s undergraduate community. The Cardinal Edge was initially conceived in a study room at the Belknap Academic Building by its Chief Editors in 2019, and we are elated to share this work with you in this 2020-2021 issue. Considering the difficult circumstances brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are extremely proud of the undergraduate students who submitted to our journal. In our first issue, authors’ research topics range from nonprofit organization’s social media management to exploring Kentucky’s rich, queer history. We are also excited to present a Spotlight article featuring interviews with Dr. Zhang, Mr. Rahman, and Dr. Enders, describing their research on COVID-19.

Over this past year, The Cardinal Edge was established in collaboration with UofL’s institutional repository, ThinkIR, to provide an accessible platform for undergraduates to submit their research. We are grateful to the programs, organizations, and individuals on campus who have promoted and continue to support our mission. We hope to increase our visibility in UofL’s community and strengthen our reputation as an academic journal in upcoming years. Amidst the challenge of the pandemic, we were able to establish a portfolio of student-led initiatives to promote leadership, networking, and research experiences while enhancing undergraduate involvement at UofL.

This issue would not be possible without the efforts of our undergraduate student journal staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the journal. We would like to thank our student and faculty reviewers for their contributions. We extend our deepest gratitude to our journal sponsor, Dr. Charles Leonard, and faculty advisors, Dr. Mark Running and Dr. Shira Rabin.

We are immensely proud to present to you The Cardinal Edge’s first issue.

Your Editors-in-Chief

Betty Ngo
Jahnavi Sunkara
Samuel Kessler
Priyadarshini Chandrashekhar

Brief Research Reports

Faculty Spotlights


Unique Perspectives on the Spread of COVID-19
Ekaterina S. Kovatsenko, Grace Mcclurg, and Aamira Shah


You’ve Graduated. So Now What?
Katherine Vo. Brown, Ekaterina S Kovatsenko, and Aamira Shah


Your Personal Guide to Getting into Research
Katherine Vo. Brown, Priyadarshini Chandrashekhar, Harshith Gontla, Ekaterina S Kovatsenko, Aamira Shah, and Kelsey Littrell

Research Abstracts


Protein Prenylation in the moss Physcomitrium patens
Zayna Qaissi, Anam F. Ahmed, Mark P. Running, and Katherine Vo. Brown

Full-length Research Reports


The Sterilization of Escherichia coli with Black Diamond-Coated Silicon
Sarah M. Cawthon, Jesse L. Rozsa, and Mark P. Running


The Effects of PPAL-1 in Arabidopsis Gamete Development
Amanda J White, Susana Perez-Martinez, and Mark P. Running

Literature Reviews

Chief Editors

Jahnavi Sunkara, Design Chief

Priyadarshini Chandrashekhar, Spotlight Chief

Gopika Gopan, Review Chief

Betty Ngo, Outreach Chief

Design Cohort

Lisa Pham, Managing Editor

Grace McClurg, Team Member

Harshith Gontla, Team Member

Spotlight Cohort

Aamira Shah, Managing Editor

Jaley Adkins, Team Member

Kelsey Littrell, Team Member

Review Cohort

Harris Gregory, Managing Editor

Abigail Stanger, Team Member

Morgan Elmore, Team Member

Outreach Cohort

Betsy Sellers, Managing Editor

Anna Simpson, Team Member

Jaleia Marshall, Team Member

First-Year Cohort

Allicen White

Gita Jaikumar

Kamal Amirneni

Loghan Currin

Preeti Tanwani

Robbie Hawkins

Zane Phelps

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Mark Running, Department of Biology

Dr. Shira Rabin, Department of Biology

Journal Sponsor

Dr. Bethany Smith, Office of the Provost

Special thanks to Mahathi Gavuji for designing TCE's logo!

For questions or comments please contact cardedge@louisville.edu